Registration is Open!


  • 1. How can I register my child?
  • 2. Can I register a child who is not my own?
  • 3. How old must my child be to attend the Clinic?
  • 4. My child is a goalkeeper. Do you also offer special Training for goalkeepers?
  • 5. We found out about the camp too late and registrations on the website are already closed. Can my child still attend?
  • 6. I would like to cancel my registration. Can I?

-You can register using the online form. proceed through the stages of the registration process. Please ensure you provide your correct e-mail address, since all the communication prior to the start of the clinic will take place by e-mail / SPOGOGO Application.

In Person


Contact : +968 9 092 5234

Of course, but only with the permission of his/ her parent or legal guardian. Please provide the e-mail address to which information about the Clinic should be sent.

Our training concept is designed for children of 6 to 17 years of age.

The coaches will run special Drills for goalkeepers , during the sessions , but since This is the first Real Madrid Foundation clinic, other consideration will be provided depending on demand for this specific position.

*Please remember to bring suitable gloves and tracksuit trousers to the training sessions if necessary

It is not usually possible to register after registrations have closed, but you are welcome to get in touch with us at or Call +968 9 092 5234 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

* There is no way of registering once the camp has begun*

Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible, because we have to plan our events and order the clothing and training kits, weeks in advance, we cannot accept cancellations.


  • 1. What payment methods are available?
  • 2. Do I receive a receipt of payment?
  • 3. Can I pay cash when I arrive?
  • 4. Is there a sibling’s discount?

Registration fee can be paid by Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.

*If you registered online , you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail as soon as your payment has been received. This generally takes between two and five working days.

*If you registered in person, you will be issued a receipt by our team.

Yes, Cash payments are accepted.

Unfortunately, our prices are tightly calculated that we are unable to offer any sibling discount at this time.

Kit Sizes / Welcome Package handout – OPENING Ceremony / CLOSING Ceremony Dates and announcements

  • 1. What are the kits like? Are half-sizes available?
  • 2. When will we receive the welcome package?
  • 3. What my child MUST have to take to training?
  • 5. Can I watch during training? Do I have to be there?
  • 6. When do my child receive the certificates/ photos?

Our jersey sets come in the following sizes: fill registration form accordingly!

Size/ Age Chest Width (CM) Shirt Length (CM) Shorts Length (CM) Waist (CM)
5XS (5-6) 36.5 54 32 23
4XS (7-8) 38.5 57.5 33 25
3XS (9-10) 40.5 60.5 34 26.5
2XS (11-12) 42 63.5 35 28
XS (13-14) 45.5 67 40 32.5
S (15-16) 48 69.5 41.5 34.5
M (17-18) 50.5 72 43 36.5
L 53 74.5 44.5 38.5
XL 55.5 77 46 40.5

*One sized – socks / bag/ waterbottles and chin pads.

Unfortunately, we don’t have half-sizes in stock. Also, these are sets, so we can’t supply combinations such as differently sized shorts and shirts.

The welcome package will be handed out by the coaches & staff during the opening ceremony which will take place from 14th April 2018 to 21st April 2018 at AL Amal Club, 1 day prior to camp where groups will be allocated and introduction of the coaches will be made.

FOOTBALL SHOES (*appropriate foot wear is essential)

KIT - training kit

SHIN Guards - are required to prevent injuries

Long sleeve and hooded T-shirt to be worn underneath (In case of Bad Weather)

Water and refreshments will be provided during the training session

You are most welcome to watch, while enjoying your time at the café/ restaurant of the venue, although you do not have to. But we are always very glad when lots of families turn up.

Closing Ceremony will be announced, and you’ll be notified about in due time. Normally takes place on the last day of training, where the certificates will be handed out.

*Photos will be sent to your registered Email and/or phone no, when they are ready!